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Banana Boat Rides at Fort Myers Beach

Quick Details

Person Up to 6 can ride together at one time

Fort Myers Beach banana boat rentals

Want to do something that a group of your friends can all participate in and have a great time? Are you ready for the most extreme ride the sandy white beaches of Fort Myers have to offer? Then the Banana Boat ride is your best bet. Hold on tight as the Captain  takes you through a gauntlet of hair raising bumps and turns!

Truly a white water rafting experience for the timid and thrill seekers alike, you would need a Hollywood split second film crew to capture the excitement of this unsuspecting ride! Up to 6 people can ride together at one time.

What to Bring:

• Attire that you feel comfortable getting wet in!
• A towel to dry off

Sign your waiver for the Banana Boat Ride!