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5 Fort Myers Restaurants You Have To Try On Vacation

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When most people think of vacationing in Fort Myers, they think about sun and surf, not a culinary experience. But what if we told you that you could have all three?

Fort Myers is actually a hub for amazing restaurants. And just like everything else there, Fort Myers restaurants are built right into the hot tourist areas, so you don’t even need to travel that far for them!

Planning a vacation can get complicated, and we want you to have an easy time mapping out your holiday, so we’ve compiled a list of the 5 best restaurants in Fort Myers, Florida for you.

Let’s talk about that.


Before we present our list to you, we want to talk a little about the local life, so you know what kind of culinary experience you’re stepping into.

Fort Myers is a beach destination. That being said, seafood is a giant part of their cuisine.

They have all the basics – Italian, Mexican, Chinese. But to really experience the best they have to offer, you’re going to want to stick with steakhouses and seafood places.

If you are traveling as a family, they also have some family fun restaurants, which we will include in the list. If it is more of a romantic getaway, you might want to check out their bars and nightclubs.

Either way, there is a place for every kind of eater there is. And if you’re picky – no problem! Just take a look at their menus before heading in.

Let’s get to it!

5 Top Fort Myers Restaurants

This list is a compilation of our top 5 Fort Myers restaurants. We hope you agree with us, and if you have any additions to make be sure to let us know!

Nervous Nellie’s

Nervous Nellie’s is a family favorite. They have a large selection of food, live music, and are located right on the water. With a waterfront patio, you can even pull up by boat, and their attendants will help you!

Doc Ford’s Rum Bar and Grille

For those with a craving for a little more island in their belly, Doc Ford’s is a Caribbean restaurant that is a local favorite. They have spice, sauce, and amazing atmosphere. The restaurant was actually based on a character from a book, so you know it’s tons of fun!

Cristof’s On McGregor

Cristof’s is a more romantic setting for a restaurant, so maybe leave the kids back on this one! Cristof’s has a wraparound porch and a front lawn with umbrella covered tables. They serve seafood and burgers and make a fantastic key lime pie.

Courtside Steakhouse

Although they may have the word “steakhouse” in the title, this restaurant adjacent to the Marriott is so much more than that. They make an incredible tuna poke that is flavorful and intriguing, and their atmosphere is lovely.

Pinocchio’s Original Italian Ice Cream

What’s dinner without a little dessert? Pinocchio’s is known for their fresh and flavor-filled creations. They also have some of the most original flavors of ice cream you could find anywhere! They are certainly a family favorite.

Enjoy Your Stay!

Whether it’s steak, ice cream, or swordfish, we hope you have an amazing time at these Fort Myers restaurants, and we hope you come back soon! We love good company down here.

For more fun things to do, you can check us out.

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