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The Beginner’s Guide to Your First Jet Ski Ride

a man riding a wave on top of a body of water

Riding a jet ski will be one of the most exhilarating experiences of your life.

Modern models can hit over 70mph at full pelt, which makes them incredibly fun machines.

But they can also be risky if not ridden correctly or without care. So we’re telling you exactly how to ride one, keeping your safety in mind at all times.

Safety First

Are you wearing a life jacket and flexible clothing which you can swim in? This is the first step to keeping you safe, in case you fall in the water away from the shore.

Next, you need a kill switch or cord. This loops around your wrist and is attached to the ignition of the craft. If you fell off the ski, the kill switch would be pulled out – ‘killing’ the engine so that the ski comes to a complete stop.

Make sure you get a full safety briefing when you’re renting a jet ski, to remind you what’s what.

How to Drive Your Jet Ski

Sit slightly hunched forwards as you ride, and relax. This is to give yourself a bit of slack while riding through waves.

You’ll also have a better grip, as your shoulders won’t get jerked away from the controls as easily.

Start at slow speeds until you’re very comfortable with the controls. And don’t open up to full throttle until you’re well away from the shore, boats, and other watercraft.

If you’re intending on going fast, remember that stopping distances on water can be considerable. So always leave lots of extra space to account for this

Keeping an Eye Out For Hazards

Boats and other personal watercraft can be hazardous, particularly if they’re moving at high speeds too. Always respect their space and avoid getting close.

If you’re anywhere near buoys, remember that these will have ropes attached – which may be linked to another buoy in a chain near the surface. Slow down if you think there’s a chance this is the case, and assess the situation carefully.

If the water is murky and you can’t tell if there’s a rope, find another route.

When you’re approaching the shore, always use designated watercraft lanes – never try to approach a beach in any other way.

Docking Your Craft

When you’re done, reduce your speed massively as you approach the shore.

Cut the throttle right out as you approach, and then when you’re very close stop the engine entirely. Coast in gently and hop off when it’s safe.

Congratulations! You’ve just ridden a jet ski for the first time.

Where Can I Rent a Jet Ski?

Contact Wind and Water Sports to book in advance, or come and see us the next time you’re in Fort Myers Beach. We’re right in front of the Lani Kai Resort.

We also offer parasailing experiences and exclusive dolphin tours!

We hope our guide will make you a safe rider, but if you’re ever in doubt we’ll be pleased to show you the safe and fun way to ride.

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