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Dolphin Tour in Fort Myers – What to Expect

a person riding on top of a body of water

If you want to get an intimate look at Fort Myers sea life, you’ve got to get your feet wet.

Let Wind and Water Sports take you on a dolphin tour out of Fort Myers Beach where you can meet dolphins, manatees, and other amazing Gulf Coast animals in Estero Bay. Slip on your best pair of sunglasses and settle in on one of our handy Yamaha Wave Runners and let’s get away from shore. Listen to the waves slap against the wave runner. Smell the saltwater, watch the morning sun dance out across the water, and get ready to commune with the wildlife on one of the best dolphin tours in Fort Myers.

Our knowledgeable guide will show you the best places to see interesting sea mammals and what to do when we do come upon them. Never ridden a wave runner? Don’t worry – we are happy to teach you all you need to know and will be right by your side to assist. And since the jet skis carry between 1 and 3 riders, you can bring all your friends along for the fun.

We leave at 9 a.m. for our dolphin tour in Fort Myers, and our trips take up to two hours, depending on how fast we all drive. Make sure you pack a waterproof camera along with your sunscreen because we will be making memories you will want to revisit. We will take out to deeper waters and spend our time searching for those sleek animals just waiting to be your new friend.

Dolphins are friendly, agile, athletic, and quite intelligent. They eat fish of all kinds that are found in the Gulf’s waters, including krill, plankton, cod, herring, and even crustaceans. Since they often hunt in pods, it is possible to see numerous dolphins in one area.

After more than 30 years of leading water adventures, we at Wind and Water Sports know how to find the best places to visit with sea life like dolphins. Another resident of the waves we hope to see is manatees.

You can find these lumbering sea creatures in a variety of waterways like estuaries, slow-moving rivers, and coastal waters. Even along the coast, they are found at 10 to 16 feet down, enjoying the warmer, slower waters. Even though they look a little pudgy, manatees don’t actually have a lot of body fat and, therefore, need a more temperate habitat. The guides know how pilot the wave runners carefully to protect the animals known as sea cows and to give you maximum viewing opportunities.

We are licensed, insured, and boast a superior safety record. Most importantly, we know what our guests need to have a fantastic time and make lasting memories. So let us take you on the ride of your life where you can enjoy the outdoors, the sea, and time with your friends and family. A Dolphin Tour trip with Wind and Waves is a terrific way to get some adventure and see the ocean depths in a new and different way.