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Renting A PWC In Fort Myers Beach? Here’s What You Should Know

jetski rental fort myers beach

WaveRunners, otherwise known as Jet Skis, are watercraft known for their functionality, reliability, and fun factor. They are ideal for cruising with your family and for water exploration. Renting a WaveRunner adds more fun to your Ft. Myers Beach vacation. While taking a vacation on the beach lets you relax and forget about daily responsibilities, it’s still important to be aware of state laws, which may vary from location to location. Learn more about the rules to follow before renting a WaveRunner:

Don’t rent if you’re under 16 years of age

Presenting a valid ID is essential when renting a WaveRunner since resorts in Ft. Myers beach requires renters to be at least 16 years of age. You can present your passport or driver’s license as proof.

16-year-old renters without ID can only rent if someone over 23 accompanies them, or someone between 16 and 23 with a valid NASBLA approved boating license. We welcome younger passengers to ride the WaveRunner, except for children under three years of age.

Secure a boating license

Florida also requires participants born after January 1, 1988, to secure a NASBLA approved Safe Boating License. It proves that the participant can drive a vessel like power boat or WaveRunner. A Temporary Boating License is also acceptable as a substitute for NASBLA approved safe boating license. The license can be secured online or from any accredited location. An email confirmation indicates that you passed the test. All you have to do is to show your ID as proof that you passed.

Fill out a WaveRunner instruction form.

Once licenses have been presented, you’ll need to fill out a form so you can rent a WaveRunner. The form outlines your primary responsibility, rules, laws, and driving instructions when you’re on the water. Be sure to read the form carefully before you fill it out. Once done, you’ll be asked to make a payment for the Jet Ski rental.

Wait for the verbal instruction.

When you complete the paperwork, you will need to wait for an instructor to provide you a verbal instruction so you’ll know how to operate the WaveRunner properly. The instruction will be following the rules and regulations of driving a watercraft like WaveRunners. There are also safety requirements that you need to comply with especially during wildlife viewing. The instructor will provide the rules in writing, which will be explained by the instructor. You can also find the rules and regulations posted on the rental booth of most rental locations.

Wear safety gear

You can’t take your WaveRunner to the water without wearing lifejackets. Your WaveRunner typically has a watch to let you know when you should come back. Overtime incurs an extra charge, and if you’re suspected to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs, you won’t be allowed to drive WaveRunners.

For a more convenient rental process, you may also book in advance. Take time to read the terms and conditions and ask questions before signing.