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Sun, Sea, Sand: The Picture Perfect Fort Myers Beach Landscape

a sunset over a body of water

Pictures are worth a thousand words. However, searching for a perfect place where you can take instagrammable photos can be quite a challenge, but as you set foot in Fort Myers Beach, you will be spoiled for endless choices and the tapestry of blue skies and crystal clear water and other picturesque attractions will leave you endlessly clicking your camera.

Be captivated by the wide varieties of seashells

For sure, anyone who has a penchant for photography will look for an interesting subject which is out of the ordinary. While the sun, sea, and sand are the usual subjects when taking pictures on the beach, seashells are just as interesting. Imagine getting images of more than 400 varieties of seashells. Aside from photography, you might even consider seashell hunting as a hobby. Just do not forget to bring a complimentary bag so you can collect some shells.

Kayaking at sunset

Sunset viewing might be a regular activity when you are hitting the beach. For those who want to capture the awe-inspiring beauty of Fort Myers Beach, a few clicks while watching fellow vacationers kayaking at sunset is truly remarkable. The fact that a beach sunset has always been an interesting subject is enough to leave you fascinated. While you snap a picture of a beautiful backdrop, you can also relax by the shore.

Unspoiled islands

Fort Myers is surrounded by unspoiled islands like Cayo Costa and Cabbage Key. If you are looking for a serene place where you can have creative freedom, cruising to the nearby islands should be one of the things to include in your bucket list. The view will entice you to take snapshots of the clear waters. There are also underwater creatures playing peek-a-boo and you can get up close and personal with them if you are lucky enough.

Fire twirlers

A visit at the Times Square lets you witness the festive atmosphere of Fort Myers Beach. When you visit the place on either a Friday or Saturday, you will be entertained by live music and fire twirlers on some occasions. You can also walk a short distance so you can enjoy the view of the sunset. There are many subjects worth capturing-fishermen patiently waiting for a good catch, the dark clouds, the warm summer evening, the list goes on.

Going to Fort Myers Beach to take snapshots of the breathtaking scenery will never disappoint you. This vacation destination can be as lively or quiet as you want. It has plenty of things to offer that will keep you busy for the entire duration of your stay.