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Top 5 Landmarks To Look For When Parasailing off Fort Myers Beach

a parachute in the air

If you are looking for an interesting way to explore the scenery of Fort Myers Beach, then consider parasailing with the knowledgeable staff at Wind & Water Sports. There are so many unique things that you can see from the air.

Fort Myers Beach Pier

One of the most popular places to fish in the area is Fort Myers Beach Pier. Parasailing allows you to watch all the action of anglers fishing from this pier in the Gulf of Mexico. Look closely, and you may see fishermen hauling in Spanish mackerel, cobia, pompano, redfish, bluefish and mangrove snappers.

Sanibel Lighthouse

The Sanibel Lighthouse is one of the first lighthouses in the Fort Myers Beach area. The iron skeleton tower was constructed in 1884 marking the way for ships entering San Carlos Bay. It is easy to see the central spiral staircase of this lighthouse listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Pink Shell Beach Resort & Marina

It is easy to get an aerial view of the Pink Shell Beach Resort & Marina while parasailing. This Fort Myers Beach landmark built by the Bob Davis family started out as a single investment cottage in 1951. The first multifamily unit was constructed in 1968. Today, this beach-front hotel and marina is a hugely popular spot for vacationers.

Matanzas Pass Bridge

Pay attention to the Matanzas Pass Bridge when parasailing at Fort Myers Beach. This 65-foot tall bridge constructed in 1979 connects the Florida mainland and Estero Island. Workers painted this bridge blue in 2011 so that it would resemble the Jewfish Creek Bridge in Key Largo.

Lani Kai Resort

Listen carefully while you are parasailing and you can hear the bands playing their beach-front concerts at the Lani Kai Resort. You may also be an uninvited guest at one of the popular oceanfront weddings held at this hotel, but no one is going to mind as you glide overhead. Alternatively, have a great time watching children play on the sandy playground located near the ocean.

If you have never experienced parasailing before, then the team at Wind & Water Sports invite you to experience something unforgettable. The custom-built winch boat ensures that you experience seamless take-offs and landings. With over 40 years of combined experience, these professionals love to help novices experience parasailing near Fort Myers Beach, Florida.