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Banana Boat Ride: More Than Just Fun and Adventure

a girl riding a wave on a surfboard in the water

So a beach vacation is on your bucket list and you’re writing down the activities that will make your vacation a blast. Banana boat ride has surely made it on your list. If you’re traveling with a group, it’s one of the activities you can’t afford to miss. Banana boat ride gives you the same excitement as other adventure water sports like a Jet Ski ride. However, you don’t have to increase the speed of a banana boat to experience the fun and adventure.

While Jet Ski ride can only accommodate 2 people, the banana boat can accommodate up to 10 people. If you’re a fun seeker, the banana boat ride is the kind of activity for you. Adults and teens will enjoy the excitement it brings. Even if you don’t know how to swim, you can still participate in the banana boat ride. You just need to wear a life jacket to ensure safety. The life jacket will be provided by the banana boat provider. Here are the reasons why banana boat ride should be part of your beach activities:

1. It strengthens muscles.

Your main muscle group is the one that can benefit fully when you try to stabilize your position. One of the main muscle groups being worked is your abdominal muscles, especially when you try to maintain your balance through jumps and waves. You’re not just sitting, but giving your muscle group a huge favor. The next time you see a group of people riding a banana boat, you know for sure that they’re not just having fun but also working some muscle groups at the same time.

2. It keeps you entertained.

The banana boat ride is a recreational activity that you can enjoy with your family and friends. Instead of strolling by the beach, why not take your exploration up a notch? Riding a banana boat lets you see what the blue sea has to offer in a more entertaining and exciting way. You also get to experience riding a banana boat with your friends or family, so what else can you ask for? If you want an activity where you can spend some quality time with your family, this activity should be on your list.

3. It burns calories.

You don’t want to be a couch potato even while on vacation do you? Why not incorporate a fun water sport that burns calories? Riding a banana boat may seem like a simple activity. All you have to do is to sit and wait for the boat operator to start the engine right? A banana boat ride is an exciting activity that allows you to burn calories. If you want to get rid of those love handles, you can consider riding a banana boat… on a regular basis though.

4. It improves your cardiovascular system.

With a banana boat ride, you will also give your cardiovascular system a good water workout. With an improved cardiovascular system, you will be able to increase your blood circulation by bringing more oxygen and nutrients to your body. It also results in eliminating the toxins from your body quickly. It only goes to show that a banana boat ride is not just an entertaining and fun activity but a good way to improve your health.