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When Is The Best Time To Visit Fort Myers Beach

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Are images of the beach flashing through your mind?

A beach trip is appealing, especially when it comes to frigid February temperatures that most Florida vacationers are trying to escape.

Florida will always come to mind when thinking about awe-inspiring beaches. Florida is also known for its gorgeous weather. When people are envisioning the Sunshine State, they will surely think about the clear skies, sandy beaches, and hot weather.

However, you can’t always get sunny weather in Florida. If it’s your next vacation destination, you need to be aware of the best time to visit this beautiful destination or you might end up cooped in your hotel room.

Fort Myers Beach is one Florida destinations that is hard to resist. If you want to explore its beauty, knowing the best and worst times to visit is the best place to start.

When to visit Fort Myers Beach in Florida?

If you seek a quiet respite by the seaside and don’t mind some heat, humidity, and afternoon rainstorms, summer is the best time to visit Florida beaches.

As you enjoy the heat of the sun, don’t forget to wear sunscreen. Nothing can be worse than spoiling your vacation with sunburn. Also, be aware of afternoon rain showers. An umbrella is a must-have. If you’re after a great deal, this is one of the seasons to watch out for.

If you intend to visit Fort Myers beach in July, you will surely enjoy its annual event called the Mango Mania. You can expect a lot of great happenings from this event that even kids will enjoy. So if you’re bringing children under 10 years of age, admission is FREE. What’s in it for Mango Mania goers? Free mango tasting table, gifts, food and recipe contests, kids’ activities and more!

If you want to see tourists and beachgoers flock, the best months to escape to Florida is from October through March. Multitudes of beach umbrellas, children frolicking and people enjoying being sun-kissed happen during the winter months when most other states (and countries in the northern hemisphere) are in the clutches of winter.

These are the months when the rain has finally subsided. The heat has decreased during these times but rarely drops below 60-degrees. Occasional fronts will pass through, bringing with it a day or two of rain, followed by cool, sunny weather that gradually warms in the days after.

Some of the known events that you can enjoy in winter are Ding Darling Days and the American Sand Sculpting Championship Festival. These events take place in October and November respectively.

December to February are the months that beachgoers can’t resist visiting because of the mild deep-winter weather. Hotel rates tend to go up but are still more affordable than other vacation destinations in Florida. Some notable events to make a mental note of are the Southwest Florida and Lee Country Fair, ArtFest Fort Myers, Edison Festival of Lights and Edison & Ford Winter Estates’ Holiday Nights.

If you’re not into bigger crowds, March to May are the ideal months to plan your Fort Myers beach getaway. It is past the peak season but before hurricane season. You can enjoy warm 80-degree temperatures and a discounted rate assuming you’ve booked your vacation package a few months in advance.

In March, you’ll be able to witness the Fort Myers Beach Shrimp Festival & Parade and in April, the Fort Myers Beach Film Festival.

So if you’re looking for an unadulterated beach vacation, you can get them from Fort Myers beach. Regardless of your age and preferences, the beach lets you recharge your batteries and relax your mind.